Monday, November 10, 2008

Not cool, Grey's. Not cool.

So, since the outrage about Brooke Smith getting canned from Grey's Anatomy is all over the lesbo blogosphere, I'm not going to get into all that. OK, I will just a little bit. I call bullshit! If the rumors are true that she wasn't "pretty" enough for ABC, they can go fuck themselves. There is nothing wrong with Brooke Smith. Granted, I wasn't completely in love with the way this story was playing out -- we were reminded one too many times how much Callie looooves sex with dudes (which is fine, I think she's clearly at least bisexual, but give us a break, already). But I did love the layers it was adding to both of their characters. And now, poof! No more. But again, I don't want to break it down too much, because like I said, it's being done all over the place. I just wanted to mention this: Grey's has always used song titles for its episode titles. It's colossally FUCKED UP that they fired Brooke Smith and ended a lesbian relationship on an episode called "Rise Up," the title of an Indigo Girls song. Faux pas, dude.

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