Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I heart Beth and Val

Obviously, May was not a great month for me, blogging-wise. And June is shaping up to be much the same. But I'm going to get it together, I swear. So let's get right to it. Beth and Val are my new internet obsession. They are video bloggers, and they are so, so funny. They do an occasional vlog called "TV is the Answer" at Television Without Pity, plus "Ask Anything with Beth and Val" at DotComedy. In addition, they also apparently work for Chiller? I'm not sure what they do with that, since I don't get that channel. (How I wish I did, though, because I love horror movies.) Anyway, they just riff on whatever cultural phenomena that strikes their fancy, using a viewer question as the jumping-off point. They're both very funny and attractive, but I am desperately in love with Val. Her wit is seriously sharp. Such a turn-on. One of my favorite vlogs was "How will you keep Jerry Falwell's memory alive?" Their take on super-lesbian Jackie Warner and "Work Out" is really amusing too. But almost all of them are pretty damn great. I couldn't figure out how to embed those, so here's another one that's also quite funny and lesbian-related. (Val is on the left, Beth on the right.)