Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Long live Lahbib!

The TV gods, they are smiling on me this weekend. First, season four of Battlestar Galactica begins on Friday. (Insert fangirl squeeee! here.) I just watched the season three finale the other day, and have pretty much been in constant OMG mode since. In a way, I'm thankful I just started watching the show a couple of months ago. If I'd had to wait a year to find out what the frak is going on, I don't think I could handle it.

The other exciting TV development this week is that BBC America will start airing season five of Wire in the Blood on Sunday. Oddly, they're starting with an episode titled "Prayer of the Bone," which actually aired in the UK after season five, as a precursor to season six. But since it's a one-off episode, I guess it's no big deal. Unfortunately, "Prayer of the Bone" is built solely around Robson Green (who plays Dr. Tony Hill, the brilliant but odd psychologist), so it is sadly devoid of Simone Lahbib, the show's co-star and this blog's patron saint. Lahbib plays Detective Inspector Alex Fielding, an intense, skeptical sort. She's kind of a Scottish Scully to Hill's occasional wackadoo Mulder-ness. The show is not an X-Files ripoff, but their dynamic is kind of similar. I don't know much about the structure of UK police departments, but it seems to me that Alex is the head of an SVU-type investigative unit. If you haven't seen the show, it can be quite good at times. There are only four or five episodes a season, but each one is about an hour and 20 minutes long, so you get pretty invested in the story. Lahbib's character is kind of frowny and stressed out, but you better believe she still looks good.

One more thing: Although there's no LaBabe in "Prayer of the Bone," and it's not a terribly great episode, it's still worth watching because it's set in Texas, and it's so cute to hear some of the "Texan" characters recite dialogue written by Brits.


Anonymous said...

Oh your blog makes me so, so happy! I have to say, though, you are all words, nerd.
After all that anticipatory hoohah about making LaBabe the patron Saint of your Blog, she has had afairly short shrift compared to all THE BASKETBALL PLAYERS!
However, you are forgiven for the sheer number of times you have made me laugh out loud (sometimes spitting food) even when, as a non-american, i have no idea who or what obscure cable-TV-potential-girlfriend you are talking about!
Also, forgive me, but i quoted (in quote marks and your id and everything as the good little citer I am!) your description of the Wire in the Blood Scully/Mulder dynamic on the TWoP Wire forum. Please forgive me! it's only because I couldn't have said it better. Really....I couldn't.

listaday said...

As the above commenter i am now no longer anonymous!