Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The patron saint: Simone Lahbib

In life, sometimes a person will cross your path and everything changes. Or, in my case, that person will flicker across my TV screen. Hey, I never claimed I wasn't a loser. I think this blog pretty much takes care of that. Anyway, for me, the world has been spinning on a slightly different axis since I first laid eyes (and ears) on Simone Lahbib.

Lahbib was the star of the British show Bad Girls for its first three seasons. I was way late to the party on this show, which is stunning considering that it is set in a women's prison and featured a prominent lesbian storyline. Probably the most prominent, long-running lesbian storyline of any TV show outside of The L Word. Don't ask me how I missed out on all that -- I'm pleading clueless Yank -- but I'm on it now. Boy, am I on it.

Although I kicked off the blog with someone else, Lahbib was the true inspiration. The heart, soul, and sweaty palms of it. She is all a lesbo TV fan could ask for: drop-dead gorgeous (look at those lips!), a terrific actor, makes out with her hot female co-star very convincingly -- like, burning-up-the-screen convincingly. Then there's the Scottish brogue. Lord God almighty, the brogue. I could do an entire entry just on the brogue. I probably will at some point.

Which brings me around to why I'm making her the patron saint of this blog, for it desperately needs one. 1.) Simone Lahbib is hotter than hell. 2.) She was one half of my favorite TV lesbian pairing ever. 3.) Elevating her to sainthood means I can write about her repeatedly. Yay! 4.) Did I mention all the hot?


chel said...

I just came accross your page... I love it, and I feel the same exact way. I just got done downloading the first 3 season because I can not wait for the 2nd and 3rd to finally arrive in the states... LOL I also ran accross this show right smack in the middle... Ergo downloading it. It really is the most amazing love story i've ever had the good fortune to encounter. I've been in a utopia of my own design for the past 2 weeks. I'll lookforward to checking this out more often. Kudos!!!!!

Livevest said...

Hiya chel - i read your comment when i was surfing about simone who i am deep into since i saw her in bad girls on you tube in the summer of 2008. I dont know if the series will be brodcasted in my country. I would very much like to see series 1,2 and 3 but not possible to buy i Denmark. Then I learn that you have downloaded it. I would be very greatful if you could tell me how to do - Livevest greatings across the ocean !