Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I'll take a double shot of Starbuck, please

Yes, I am aware that's probably the most overused wordplay possible when talking about Battlestar Galactica's Lt. Kara Thrace, a.k.a. Starbuck. If one of my editors had sent me that headline I would reject it for being too easy. But this is a blog, not my damn job, so deal with it. Trite headlines for all!

Anyway, in anticipation of an extended writers strike (which I support wholeheartedly -- fair is fair, corporate assholes), I have begun to supplement my regular TV viewing with DVDs of series I never managed to catch up with before. I started with Battlestar Galactica for a couple of reasons. First, I have been hearing forever from friends and colleagues (nerds!) that it's really good. And second, because Katee Sackhoff is wicked hot, and has been absent from The Bionic Woman for many, many weeks. Bionic was borderline lousy to begin with, but without the Sarah Corvus character it is pretty much the definition of suck. I stopped watching Bionic, but wasn't willing to give up a regular dose of Sackhoff, so BSG, here I be. I thought a Bionic Katee Sackhoff was something to behold, but as the the talented, tomboyish space pilot Starbuck, in flight suits and tank tops? Yowza. Thank you, God. Also, the show is really good so far, so cheers all around.

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