Sunday, November 18, 2007

Q: Who rocks harder than Allison Janney? A: No one.

Hairspray comes out on DVD in a couple of days, which makes now a perfect time to celebrate Allison Janney, who stole every goshdarn scene she was in as the aptly named Prudy Pingleton. Now that I think of it, she might be one of the great scene-stealers ever -- both in movies and on The West Wing, which is where I (and countless others, I'm sure) first began to truly understand the glory of La Janney. She was pitch-perfect as CJ Cregg, who will forever be one of my favorite TV characters. I could go on for days and days listing all the reasons CJ Cregg is the pinnacle of awesome, but suffice it to say that she and Janney share a lot of qualities: intelligent, funny, accomplished, compassionate, passionate, beautiful. And let us not forget that Janney is crazy tall, which I find so hot. You do too; admit it. The woman is a knockout:

But it's not just that she's beautiful and smart and funny and redwood-tall, or that she kissed Meryl Streep in The Hours. She's also super gay friendly, and completely OK with the fact that a lot of ladies want her. A lot. And she's a great sport. She's easily my favorite guest on Ellen, engaging in a long-running, heated rivalry against Ellen in everything from ping-pong to American Gladiotors-style jousting. They're all hilarious, but I'm going with this one because it involves sumo wrestling. Plus, she looks way sexy in jeans and a baseball shirt.


Mel said...

I was out at the grocery store today, and they accidentally put 'Hairspray' on the shelves early. FABULOUS.

I made a pilgramage to Williamstown to see her this past summer in "The Autumn Garden" and was blessed to meet her. She's just as tall in real life, and she was fabulous - absolutely spectacular. Both my friend and I had a terribly difficult time keeping our eyes on anything but her during the play. *Swoon* I love her greatly - and it's nice to know others do too!


WordNerd said...

Oh man, you actually met her? Jealous!

Mel said...

I met her - and she was fabulous beyond words. I'm amazed I didn't hump her leg. LOL.

She introduced herself, and my friend I were both like 'well, YEAH!'

Well worth the late-night border crossing, the rental car silliness, and of course the ... seven hours of driving? She was amazing - gracious, hilarious, and adorable. (and, even with heels on, somehow I managed to be completely at eye-level with her chest! someone explain to me how I *didn't* hump her leg?!)

Anonymous said...

That was the funniest thing I have seen in a long time!! Thanks for posting it! I have tears in my eyes! Love it!